AI for Finance 2022

🇬🇧 Is the next generation of lending dead on arrival?

Sep 20, 2022 | 4:35 PM CEST - 4:55 PM CEST



Six months ago, Klarna was the king of buy now, pay later, valued at USD 45.6 billion. Yet, in July 2022, Klarna had to make a round of redundancies that led to a plummet of 85% in valuation, leaving it at USD 6.7 billion. What happened and what does this mean for the future of embedded lending? Embedded lending has often been called the "next generation" of financial services, but with Klarna facing disaster, does this means that next generation is dead on arrival? Is embedded lending the future or just a flash in the pan? Check the "additionnal content" tab at the bottom of this page to discover the full description for this session !

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