AI for Finance 2022

Stand number : N5

Identity theft, social engineering, cyber attacks against companies for extortion purposes, data theft... The world of finance, banking and insurance is particularly targeted by a growing cybercrime, with attacks that go directly through the customers and employees of these companies. ANOZR WAY develops software solutions for the prevention of these frauds through - identifying the vulnerabilities of customers and employees exposed on the Internet, - risk assessment according to the compromised information - monitoring and alerting existing anti-fraud systems to anticipate attacks. ANOZR WAY's AI-based technology qualifies weak signals on the various internets (clear web, deep weeb, dark web) related to the compromise of personal information (identifiers, addresses, bank account details, etc.) and calculates the risk of a cyber attack against an employee or client. With ANOZR WAY, companies in the Finance, Banking and Insurance sectors have a unique solution to reduce fraud and create prevention services for their customers.